Hybrid Beauty?  What Is It Anyway?

Hybrid Beauty? What Is It Anyway?


It seems like you can’t scroll through social media these days without reading something about hybrid beauty.  In fact, hybrid beauty is quickly positioning itself to be the hottest skincare trend of 2023 but what exactly is it?

You can think of hybrid beauty as a perfect mashup when it comes to your skincare and beauty routine.  In essence, hybrid beauty takes two or more concepts and blends them into one single use formula.  An easy recall, the original BB and CC creams. These classic formulations were the first of their kind to combine a primer, sun protection, and skin tint into one, easy to use formula. Voila, hybrid beauty.  Multi-tasking powerhouses when it comes to skin care, body care, hair care, and makeup.

Hybrid beauty products allow us to expedite our daily routines by reducing the number of products and steps without sacrificing the results we expect.  In turn, fewer steps equal fewer products which maximizes our monthly beauty budget while minimizing our beauty footprint.  The best part is that these innovative formulas are specifically designed to enhance and elevate your results. It is amazing that this trend didn’t become a “thing” until 2023!

When it comes to hybrid beauty products, the quality of ingredients moves to the center in your product selection.  Look for formulations that use ingredients designed to work together for maximum results.  Trending ingredient duos for the best results in skincare include:

  • 1% Bakuchiol and Vitamin C to increase cellular turnover and promote a brighter, more even skin tone.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E to combat the damaging effects for free radicals and combat fine lines.
  • Phytosterols and Fatty Acids to help reduce surface inflammation, hydrate, and protect skin.

When it comes to the best hybrid beauty products, opt for a serum.  Serums help deliver essential active ingredients deeper within the skin while offering hydrating benefits.  CILLA Signature Serum is an excellent choice as it contains all the power couples listed above and is formulated to nourish, hydrate, brighten, and protect skin in one simple step. 

Additional hybrid beauty products that deliver a powerful punch are cheek/eye sticks, concealer/highlighter duos, mascaras with lash boosters, sunscreen serums, and solid double cleanse routines.

It’s easy to see why the hybrid beauty trend is catching on in 2023 and we hope it is one that is here to stay!


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